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No Fooling Around Here

Monday, April 1st, 2013

Happy Spring everyone!!  We’ve made it through the dark, gray, dreary days of winter unscathed, and we hope you have too.  The clocks have sprung forward and it’s time for renewed optimism as the days grow longer and we welcome the sun’s rays with open arms.  Although, as we Portlanders all know, don’t expect the rains to stop until about July 4th.  Then we can all officially declare it summer!

Old Grogham cansOkay, first off, how was your St. Patty’s Day?  We trust you reveled in all things Irish for the day, including corned beef and cabbage, wearing lots of green and drinking some Irish beer!  I’m not talking that stout made in Dublin.  I’m talking about Lumberjane Stout, an American stout made by an Irishman right here in Portland!  It was flowing all St. Patty’s day at the Hawthorne Hophouse.  Word on the street is that Lumberjane makes for one delicious car bomb too!

Many thanks to Leah, Phil, the and entire Hophouse staff as they were gracious enough to host us for some free tastings, in addition to having the Undun Blonde, Lumberjane Stout and our new Handful IRA on tap.  Thank you also to all the great people who came out to celebrate with us!!  You all made it a very fun and memorable day.

The printed cans arrived last week.  YAY!  Here’s a picture in case you missed it on Facebook.


Now we have the enviable task of filling them all with delicious Natian beer for your thirsty mouths.  It’s hard work, yes.  But totally worth it when we see you enjoying a ‘Pint In A Can’ at your favorite bar or restaurant.  Canning for us a very time-consuming process, as we do it all by hand with a dual filler and single can seamer.  Here’s a picture to show you exactly what I’m talking about.


It’s not pretty and it’s not sexy, but we are definitely unique in this regards.  There are many “handcrafted” brews out there.  But I doubt any of them mean it as literally as we do here at Natian Brewery.  I’m not knocking any of the other guys who have canning lines to pump out dozens of cans per minute.  Shit, I’d LOVE to have that ability!  It would make our jobs a hell of a lot easier.  I’m just saying that we’re doing things a little differently at Natian, and we’re proud of that fact.

The big event coming up is the Buckman-Kerns Brewfest, hosted by the EastBurn.  It’s going down this coming Saturday, April 6th from noon to 8 pm.  Eight breweries located in the Buckman-Kerns neighborhood will be battling it out to see who our neighbors (you, the attendees) think makes the Best IPA!  We’re excited for the challenge and thank you in advance for your vote.  In our opinion, this is the best little beer festival in all of Portland so we hope you can make it and join the fun.  Click the image below for all the details.  We look forward to seeing everyone Saturday at the EastBurn, cheers!!




Beer For Everyone!

Wednesday, February 20th, 2013

First off, BIG THANKS to everybody who came to see us at Belmont Station Monday evening.  We enjoyed meeting new friends and talking beer with you!  Thanks also to Chris at eyeluvebeer for stopping by and posting a little write up on his blog.  You can read it here.

We are moving along nicely and settling into the new 10bbl system.  We’ve already brewed double batches of Old Grogham, CuDA, UnDun Blonde, Lumberjane Stout and our new Handful IRA.  This IRA is a slight revision on the Elephante’ Red Ale we brewed for last year’s Oregon Brewers Festival.  The feedback we got on the Elephante’ was positive, but we felt we could still give it a stronger floral aroma.  So we tweaked the malt bill some and upped the hops a bit too. Knowing how you Portlanders love your hops, we think you’ll be happy with the results.

I gotta say, it’s quite a difference brewing on a professionally built and designed 10bbl system compared to our original 1bbl setup.  It’s really nice being able to control pretty much everything with the touch of a few buttons.  It only takes the turn of a valve or two, turning on a pump, and the wort is headed from the mash into the brew kettle.  Same thing when the batch is done and ready to transfer into the fermenters.  This really saves us a lot of physical labor in the process.  There’s still tons of actual work we have to do by hand- canning and palletizing cases to name a few examples- but overall the work is much easier.

Well, now we have TONS of beer that needs to be sold, and drank!  After not brewing for nearly two months while getting the new system installed, it’s a great relief to finally be getting some beer out the door, and into the mouths of our thirsty patrons.  Look for our cans on the shelves of your nearby Fred Meyer, New Seasons or your favorite bottle shop in the Portland metro area.  We also have Old Grogham, Undun Blonde, along with the CuDA, IRA and Lumberjane Stout, available in kegs.  So be sure to put in a request for Natian at your favorite watering hole as well.

Besides brewing beer to keep up with our local demand, we’ve been busy working to fill our first orders for out of state distribution.  In case you missed the Facebook post a few weeks ago, we’ve signed on with Nevulis Beverage, from Schnecksville, PA, who will be supplying Natian beers to the wonderful people of Pennsylvania!  We’re very excited for this opportunity to share our beer with new people and to expose them to the great craft beers of Portland, and the Pacific Northwest.  If you’ve got friends back that way, be sure and tell them to be on the lookout for Natian coming soon, they should arrive by the end of March.   We’ll keep you posted on specific dates when they become clearer.

Okay, that it’s for now, gotta get back to work.  Afterall, this beer isn’t going to make itself.  Thanks for reading, and drinking our beer!